Drama in Education lessons on Saturday!

We has been carrying out a workshop called Nyitott Klub for drama teachers and drama practitioners since November 2015. The workshop’s aim is to provide a safe environment for the participants to test their classroom drama, Drama in Education and Theatre in Education programs with other drama teachers and practitioners as participants of the activity, and to give the opportunity afterwards for moderated professional discussion. We had over 100 participants attending at least one session of the workshop series.

On 14 January from 10 to 14 an extra occasion in English takes place in Jurányi House, teached by our EVS volunteers, Nikolay Barzakov and Tuğba Eser.

10.00-12.00 – second drama lesson+reflections

LEADER: Tuğba Eser

TIME: 90 minutes

TARGET GROUP: adults and mid-level leaders, 9-15 people

TOPIC: When we have difficult situation in our work life how we can solve it. What we should do it? We will have a case and we try to understand and solve together with our basic acting skills.

12.00-14.00 – first drama lesson+reflections

LEADER: Nikolay Barzakov

TIME: 90 minutes

TARGET GROUP: teenagers(12-18 years old), 13-15 people

LEARNING AREA: mediation, activism, take a position, social sensibility

FOCUS: How far can I go for somebody who is oppressed without turning into a victim? The year is 2096. Disaster changed the face of earth. The survivors slowly started to rebuild the civilization learning from their mistakes. 30 years after the Justice Day the world seems a better place. Can we be better people? Can we live together without judging the others? Can we speak freely without being afraid?

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