EVS 2017-18

We are currently hosting “the 4th generation” of Nyitott Kör volunteers, but this year we have increased the group in terms of numbers: for the first time we are working with a group of six volunteers! Sounds a lot, doesn’ it?
The name of the project is TETT: Theatre in Education for Training Tolerance; we feel this title summarizes most things we create together in and outside of the team: training, education, theatre, and tolerance. The latter is essential if you imagine six young people living and working together for 12 months, all of them from different countries, with different cultural and professional backgrounds!

So what do we do?

As any spiritual community, we would like to distribute and multiplicate our way of thinking, spreading the word of DiE and TiE. If we consider drama pedagogy a missionary work, then what we do is training converters, who will take our methods and techniques and infect as many children, young people and anyhow disadvantaged groups as possible with it throughout Portugal, Spain, Croatia, Serbia, Ukraine, and Russia, and who-knows-where-else.
Follow the life of the contagious volunteers here:
Filipa Xavier. She is from Portugal and she is an actress. She came to this project because of believing in the inexhaustible power of people and in the possibility of teaching people with disabilities. She believes in immense sensibility. In its power to look at the world. Just like the theater. Going this way she wants to be better actress, and better human.
Anastasia Evstigneeva. She is from Russia and she does EVS project in one of the most beautiful cities in the world – glorious unforgettable Budapest. She loves dancing, piano playing, reading, walking.. Lots of things. Stick with her, you will have a lot of fun.
Aleksandar Akki Brzaković. Just a serbian guy with international experience and great sense of humor. Love speaking new languages and exploring the world. So far he is in Budapest, doing EVS in Nyutott Kör.
Silvia Casi Plath. She is from Spain. She likes playing guitar and writing poems and the chocolate with orange. What she is most passionate about is literature and theater. She wants to live traveling between people and places. And making collages!
Myroslava Kuts. Girl from Ukraine who really into performances, dancing and interaction with people. Definitely, if you don’t know where to go or what to see – just ask her. Except theatre she likes noises, Bergman’s movies and ice cream.
Pintér Nikoletta. She is from Serbia and she is yoga instructor. Ultimately she is learning contemporary dance in Budapest and participates in volunteering programs.
Her favorite past-times are theater, music and dancing. Almost everything she likes is connected with motion and theater. She gets new experience and skills by helping for us, and she has many opportunities to learn about TIE.