New theatrical workshop from 3rd April in English


All changes in space which we see, hear, smell or taste are literally tactile impressions. All our senses are variations of our unique sense of touch. Two approaching objects touch one another when they finally meet without a noticeable space between them. … This is what happens in any condensing matter in which the outer aspects move towards a center… Each single part of matter approaches its neighboring part until the two collide, causing an impact or a pressure. It is space, which appears and disappears between and round object and in the movements of the particles of the object. /Rudolf von Laban/

Once per week event on Sundays from 18.00 to 21.00.

Duration of a class: 180 min

First class: 2016.04.03.

Locale: Jurányi House, Tünet Room

The workshop will end until 2016.05.13. (6 classes and a showcase)

Number of participants: 12

Suggested donation: 500 HUF/class

The art is a concentrated, expressive flight of the free soul. An intimate search, a desire to fill the emptiness in us, to fulfill ourselves. An urge to release the entity behind the masks. This journey is a struggle with our mental chains and fears, connection of our body and soul.

The aim of the course is to give the artists freedom to create and to draw infinite inspiration from their mind, imagination and nature, to rely on their senses. It’s about finding, exploring and defeating our restrains.

It is suitable for actors, dancers, contemporary artists, musicians, people interested in interdisciplinary discoveries and movement therapy, explorers.

It is recommended to participate on every class. 

Based on Grotowski`s, Meyerhold`s, Stanislavski`s and M. Chekhov’s methods

Jerzy Grotowski was a polish theatre visionary, used the actors body as a mediator between material and nonmaterial world. His work is connected to V. Meyerhold’s Biomechanics (actor as a puppet) and M. Chekhov`s Gestus (physical expression of the soul).

Konstantin Sergeyevich Stanislavsky is considered the father of the modern theatre art. His system is a base of every theatre school program in the world.

About the teacher:

Nikolay Barzakov is bulgarian actor, director and university teacher (“Acting”, “Speech techniques”, “Stage combat”). He has specialist’s degree in “Stage movement in European and Eastern theatre”.

His recent works explore acrobatics, body-soul connection, physical awareness, eastern martial arts.

The Laboratory is divided into three parts (6 classes):

Part I

Spacebeing – existence in space, movement approach, movement of energy

1. Qi games, Space, Dealing with the unseen:

  • Ground basics (or “How to use the floor?”);

2. Object manipulation, Partnership:

  • Breathing and non breathing partners;

Part II

Vocal pictures, tension, voice from an impulse

3. Voice:

  • Voice tension removal, free voice extraction;

4. Vocal drawing:

  • Touching through voice, sound variety;

Part III (Serious stuff!)

Imagination and stage truth

5. Flora and fauna, Biomechanics, Breathing objects (M. Chekhov);

6. Dreamwork:

  • Living in a dream (asian way, gestus, outside imagination)

Every class ends with an open conversation (sharing feelings, impressions, open process).

Needed: commitment, homework (10-15 min/day)

The course will end with a short performance.

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