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Croce Rossa Italiana – Comitato di Pesaro, ITALY

Activity Dates: 6 or 10 months (from August 2015)

City: Pesaro, Italy

Description of activities: The volunteer can take part to the activities organised by the local Red Cross in 6 different areas, as support staff of local red cross volunteers and professionals:

– Social and cultural entertainment activities for kids: entertainment clowning support with kids in hospital, to give them relief during their time in hospital
– Social and cultural entertainment activities in rest homes for eldery people
– Food distribution activities: On daily basis will take part to distribution of food to the poor families, in cooperation with the Municipality of Pesaro, in a long term perspective of personal support.
– Information and awareness campaigns: meetings with students and organising prevention and intervention workshops about different topics and issues (first aid, drug and alcohol abuse, prevention of diseases…)
– Press office support: support in the realisation of media products, information press campaigns, to spread the values and activities realised by Red Cross.
– Fundraising office support: support in the fundraising campaigns preparation and realisation, as the annual charity event.

Description of hosting organisation: The Croce Rossa Italiana – Comitato di Pesaro is part of the International Red Cross Movement, whose main aim is to alleviate the suffering of those in crisis, regardless the ground of their discomfort. At national level Croce Rossa Italiana involves almost 140.000 active members, operating thorugh a network of local Committees that can better address the needs emerging from each and every community. The Committee of Pesaro is supported by 407 volunteers active in the fields of: social assistance, medical support, emergency response, first aid, training, refugees services. The services implemented within each operative area address the most vulnerable members of the local community, in particular elderly, sick, people at risk of exclusion and refugees. These services are complemented with activities of fundraising, awareness and senbilisation campaigns and initiatives which can allow the hosted volunteers to gain a 360° learning experience in both operational and planning tasks.



Activity Dates: 6 months (From August 2015)

City: Pesaro, Italy

Description: The volunteer will participate actively in the association activities according to her/his needs and interests without the need of previous experiences, competences and skills as the main aim is the volunteer personal development. For this reason the project will be personalized on the aspirations and attitude of each volunteer and prepared together with them. The volunteers can decide how to modulate their volunteering schedule as their needs and according to our opening hours for 5 days at week for a total amount of 30 hours weekly. In order to let them feel free to move and to enjoy the life they’ll live in an EVS house, rented for them in the city, complete with all the comfort and close to the office. The activities will be realised in a dynamic way together with the volunteers of Vicolocorto Community, mainly in the places where local youngsters meet, in order to facilitate their social inclusion.

– Join the staff on spreading information activities about Europe and Youth in Action Programme through lectures and meeting with youngsters within association office or during informative events.
– Take part to local workshops and projects organized by Vicolocorto on intercultural dimension, empower of young people or inclusion activities.
– Use the media (like making videos, blog, etc.) and the social networks to spread information

Description of hosting organisation: Vicolocorto is a non-political, non profitable youth cultural association created in 2006 and based in Pesaro, Italy. It is specialized in youth work and operates in fields of non-formal and extra-school education, intercultural learning, promotion of youth mobility, volunteerism and youth participation, study and research of youth policies and activities. The Association has gained a high experience in the fields of youth policies and international mobility, involving hundreds of young people in international projects, sending over 40 volunteers in EVS projects, hosting 15 long term EVS volunteers, hosting and coordinating 15 YiA international projects so far. The Association can count on a specialised team of trainers and youth workers, who gained experience through training courses in formal and non-formal education context and working side by side with youth.

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